Remove and Block Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

Digital marketing can be a frustrating subject if you do not know how to measure your results. It can equally be, if not more frustrating if your data isn’t ready to be measured. The numbers do not lie unless the numbers are skewed. So lets talk about why and how to remove and block spam traffic in Google Analytics (GA).

Google Analytics is your data capturing tool for your website or websites. It tells you a lot about who is going to your site and how your site is performing overall with the objectives and goals you set in place. It can be very beneficial to have accurate data so that you can create, monitor and re-strategize.

But……there’s always a but, if you do not take care of your data it can be easily diluted with junk such as spam and ghost traffic. The result of this can lead to wasted time on strategies and marketing plans that ultimately lead to lost revenue for that business (see below). So we must utilize tools that are essential to us as consultants to polish our data up to produce strategies that work.

Block Spam Traffic

Example of spam traffic in Google Analytics

Lets walk through the process of removing all that unwanted spam with an online tool called Referrer Spam Blocker.
Block Spammy Referral Traffic in Google Analytics Views

  1. Log into Google Analytics (GA).
  2. Go to and authenticate with your GA account
    • Press the Authenticate Now” button Black Spam Traffic
  3. Select the view within the account you would like to create a filter for (see below).
    • Note: If there is a green check the view is up to date
  4.  Scroll to either the top or the bottom of the page
    • Press the “Let’s Do This” button Block Spam Traffic
  5. After the program completes the filter linking you can move onto installing segments

Block Spam Filter
Remove Spammy Referral Traffic from Historical Data by Installing Segments

  1. If you are not still logged in to GA log in now.
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Import all sessions segment”
  4. Select the view you would like to add the segment to, and rename the segment to the appropriate format “[RSB] Insert Date” (see below)

Block Spam Traffic

  1. Then click “Create”
  2. Next, modify the conditions by first switching the “Include” drop down to “exclude”.
  3. Remove the “Bounces” condition by clicking the “-“ symbol
  4. And lastly, changing the “does not match regex” dropdown to “matches regex” (see below)

Block Spam Traffic

Should look like this (see below)

Block Spam Traffic

  1. Once these changes have been made make sure to click the save button.

Note: You will need to remove older versions of your segments
Submitting Spam Traffic the Referrer Spam Blocker

  1. Got to
    1. Press the “Submit New URLS” button Block Spam Traffic
  2. Enter your name, email address and URL of the referrer you would like to block.
    • Note: it will tell you if the domain already exists (see below)Block Spam Traffic
  3. To include multiple URLs press the “+ URL” button
  4. This will submit them to a screening process before being placed in the spam database for future filters and segments.

If you have learned how to block spam traffic using a new approach or tool, or even if you didn’t realize the need for blocking spam until now, please feel free to share by commenting below. We would love to hear about your experience or frustration.