How to Make a Category 6 (T-568 A) Cable Patch

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  1. RJ45 connectors
  2. Cat6 cable
  3. Crimping tool
  4. Wire cutters

1. At one end of the Cat6 cable, strip about 1″ of the rubber jacket protecting the colored wires. Make sure you do not cut the colored wires inside of the cable.
CATEGORY 6 (T-568 A)
2. Un-twist the pairs of wires, and straighten them out. Do not re-twist the cables at any other point in time.
3. Line up the wires in order with the RJ45 connector.
CATEGORY 6 (T-568 A)
4. Slide the wires into the load bar one at a time. Make sure the open part of the bar is facing the rest of the cable and that the wires stay in the proper order. Then push the bar as far down towards the jacket as it will go butting right up with the connector.CATEGORY 6 (T-568 A)
5. Cut the wires about .15″ from the front of the load bar and make sure you cut the wires straight and even.CATEGORY 6 (T-568 A)
6. Pull the load bar further up towards the cut end of the wires.
7. Place the wires and load bar into the RJ45 connector. Make sure the wires have been pushed all the way into the end of the plug and that the cable jacket is past the jacket crimp.
CATEGORY 6 (T-568 A)
8. Place the connector into a crimp tool, and squeeze hard to crimp the plug.

9. Repeat the process at the other end of the cable.