Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

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Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is a collection of organizations modeled on the computer emergency response team idea. It is a voluntary umbrella organization that mainly offers help to systems administrators who find their systems under attack from intruders (Darrel Ince). Back in the day when the internet was of value and the majority of people couldn’t afford it, there was an attack that lead to the downturn of the world wide web, called the “internet worm”. Many people and organizations got together to try a resolve this mass issue, but were soon counteracting. A year later another incident occurred, such as the “internet worm”, called the “wank worm”, but still chaos and confusion struck the responsibilities of all the incident response teams. FIRST grew off the coordination and communication errors that led the internet down the road to failure, and devised a team that would cover ranges, distance, as well as masses. I believe their mission is to go into a situation full out for the better benefit and commitment to the security industry. They promote members as well as other organizations to collaborate in conjunction to better resolve and learn from possible threats that they may face on a daily basis. Their database of information, organizations, as well as resources, far outweighs any one person or organizations magnitude of success.


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