Simple Wireless Networking Concerns

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What are some simple wireless networking concerns? Probably the biggest concern is whether or not to have a secure wireless network due to the time it would take to allow each device or computer access. We would all like to be connected to a secure network before sending requests over the internet.

But how should one set up a network router to make sure all our information and devices are secure? Below is a list of both security enabled and disabled, as well as the pros and cons of both:

Pros—Wireless Security Enabled
When wireless security is enabled, and a password is required from any device that wishes to connect to the wireless network, then the network administrator can have control over who has the ability to access the wireless connection and the network resources.

Cons—Wireless Security Enabled
Wireless security protocols are not all the same, and not all devices support any one protocol. The result is that wireless security can potentially prohibit even an invited and allowed device from successfully connecting to the network.

Pros—Wireless Security Disabled
Disabling the security on a wireless network allows almost any device type to connect with ease.

Cons—Wireless Security Disabled
With wireless security disabled, the network is available to any device within range of the network, friend or foe.