Why Security?

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The need for security is one of the most overlooked and under estimated implementations of corporate industry. In order to fully understand why one needs to secure themselves as well as their assets, you must first answer a few common questions. What types of threats are there? Why would someone attack? And finally, what can I do for protection? By answering these questions you can control the working environment in a more productive and sufficient manner. “There are individuals who want to injure other people, steal or damage property, or harm organizations or governments. Their motivations vary from seeking personal gain to political reasons. Security is needed to provide protection to people, property or organizations.” (Kurtus) Physical breaching is less common than virtual, but should not be taken lightly. If we fail to protect ourselves from someone walking out with hard earned assets, then we should neglect to incorporate growth into our business plan. Physical security is the first step to staying secure. The next step is protect ourselves from ourselves. Over 50% of virtual threats come from non-intention internal majority, meaning that the majority of our end users are unintentionally creating problems within our network. It would be wise to negotiate a security feature in a strategic planning meeting to incorporate protective measures against internal and external threats.


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