Programming & The Average Computer User

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I feel that programing is a very useful skill, but isn’t meant for everyone, including the average computer user. There was a time when programming was a useful skill for the average computer user. That was when programs were few and far between, and the functionality of the computer was extremely simplistic. Today, programs are readily available, via the internet, and come in many shapes and sizes. Where back in the day programs needed to be rendered in order to fit the average users desires. Businesses still need the adaptability of a programmer to alter their virtual infrastructure, so that the company can expand with a specialized product or service that is competitive in their market. Because competitiveness in industry has been hard to come by, entrepreneurs have foreseen specialization or creativity to spark a “New” market venue. Due to this realization, programmers since the dawn of computer technology have been modestly given ample opportunities to innovatively create organizational needs through specialized programs. The issue! Programmers have not become scarce, but more importantly…disposable.

To ultimately answer this question in more than one way, I would have to assume that not everyone is a programmer, almost everyone, and that the supply of programmers are increasing faster the demand for innovative and creative new markets.