Hard-to-Work with People

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There are a few different methods of dealing with hard to work with users. But the two that I feel will cause the least damage, and the most good, are the direct approach and bargaining. When dealing with a stressful environment filled with team players who will spend a majority of their time on a given project, it is important to utilize tools necessary to brighten the mood of the situation so that things can be accomplished. The direct approach may be the best approach of all. It concentrates on the leader confronting the issue head-on.

Though conflict is uncomfortable to deal with, it is best to look at issues objectively and to face them as they are. If criticism is used, it must be constructive to the recipients. This approach counts on the techniques of problem-solving and normally leaves everyone with a sense of resolution, because issues are brought to the surface and dealt with. The next alternative would be bargaining, which is an excellent technique when both parties have ideas on a solution yet cannot find common ground. Often a third party, such as a team leader, is needed to help find the compromise.

Compromise involves give and take on both sides, however, and usually ends up with both walking away equally dissatisfied. Both of these techniques can be used in unison and ultimately reduce conflict between members of your team. One bad apple can make the rest turn sour and bitter. It is best to analyze your audience and then research the proper methods to calm the situation for effortless productivity.