Project Management Software Questions

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What functions does project management software provide that you cannot do easily using other tools such as a spreadsheet or database?

Project management software is comprised of spreadsheet software and database functionality. Ideally, if you have the skills you can create your own customized management software. The programs on the market today allow you choose from a variety of different combinations of resources; resources such as collaboration, timesheets, groups, costs, financial baselines, notifications and personal touches. gives a little insight to the features that well known programs feature. Clarizen software offers the majority of features minus RSS feed capabilities. Project Office was placed 14th due to its rating as well as monthly charge of use. Each program had its ups and downs but is basically subject to personal preference and adaptability.

Microsoft Project gives you complete and total freedom to create your own software that fits your company’s individual needs. The Microsoft Office Project 2007 family of products provides a range of software tools that support a variety of approaches to work management, levels of process maturity, and business goals. On one end of the spectrum, Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007 provides enhanced desktop tools for small teams or individuals tasked with managing projects, but who are not necessarily project managers. Office Project 2007 delivers project management tools for small ad hoc teams or large organizations with mature management processes and methodologies. These tools are made up of many new and enhanced product features that have been designed in response to feedback from partners and customers. The new and enhanced features address specific needs and scenarios, and they enable EPM capabilities.

How do the different tools you review compare, based on cost of the tool, key features, and other relevant criteria’s?

Just like as described above, each application that is pre-coded/loaded is designed to sell to a specific company with those specific needs. Some products have more flexibility and adaptability than others, but the majorities are keyed toward a specific use. Some products, such as VCS online, are very similar to the in house programs, but are fully functional in a cloud based environment. VPMi Professional is a full featured online project portfolio management system. It goes far beyond Basecamp and other simplistic tools but will never overburden your staff like Microsoft Project Server, @Task, Innotas, SAP, or Daptiv. Then you have other programs such as DotProject. DotProject is the most popular open source web-based project management software. Thousands of users, from software start ups, to construction companies, to colleges, to large organizations have successfully used dotProject software to manage projects.

How can organizations justify investing in enterprise or portfolio project management software?

Easily, the capabilities of data, information, and collaboration make time very efficient and productive. Time is money and managing that time should cost money if done efficiently and productively. Enterprise logistics are massive and require loads of resources and information. Project management software allows you to utilize that information to base your decisions on as well as learn from hidden mistakes that you would otherwise normally see. It is important because individual projects require precision in order to make the most out of nothing.