Scope Verification and Change Control

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Once the scope is recognized by project management as complete, it is then the obligation of the stakeholder(s) to formally accept the project as complete. The scope can be complete by initiating a customer inspection and then having them sign off on key deliverables. The customers will evaluate the deliverables to assess the overall ease of use, and whether the project met their expectations. The project team must then create all the appropriate documentation and deliverables for the stakeholders to evaluate and determine if the project was achieved under the terms and conditions, as well as in satisfactory standards. Documentation would include all document used in the completion of the project so that it can all be reviewed by the stakeholders to make sure that the project was completed in the methods initially proposed.

Once the scope has been evaluated and verified by the stakeholders, monitoring and controlling the changes need to be incorporated into a change control system. Scope change can happen randomly during the initial phases of the scope, but are most widely used during the evaluation and determination of change requests after project completion. Change request describes the process that is to be used for requesting and managing changes to work products created or maintained by the members of the project. This process will facilitate communication about requested changes among the stakeholders of the project, provide a common process for resolving requested changes and reported problems, and reduce the uncertainty around the existence, state, and outcome of a change that has been requested in a work product.

Any stakeholder of the project can submit the following types of issues to the change control system:

  • requests for requirements changes (additions, deletions, modifications, deferrals) in software currently under development
  • reports of problems in current production or beta test systems
  • requests for enhancements in current production systems
  • requests for new development projects

This change control process applies to baselined work products created or managed by the members of the project, including:

  • software that has been released to production or is in beta test
  • requirements specifications for the project
  • group procedures and processes
  • user and technical documentation

The following work product classes are exempted from this change control process:

  • work products that are still under development, except for requirements changes requested in new projects
  • interim or temporary work products created during the course of a project
  • any work products intended for individual use only