Internet Doomsday Attack

The Issue!

Six men were arrested in the Baltic state back in November 2011. They were subsequently charged by U.S. authorities with using malicious software and rogue DNS (Dynamic Name Server) servers to hijack millions of computers worldwide to redirect Internet searches toward their own online advertisements. They called it the Internet Doomsday. U.S. authorities say the cyber fraud used malicious software or malware to infect about 4 million computers in 100 countries. The scam is thought to have netted the suspects over $14 million. There is another suspect at who participated in this cyber crime, who is known to be a Russian citizen and is still at large. If affected by this DNS modification, you will be denied internet services.

The Check!

Follow the link provided to automatically discover if you have been directly affected by the DNS modification malware.

The Fix!

If the “check” doesn’t turn out positive, or green, please refer to the following tools:

Name of the Tool URL
Hitman Pro
McAfee Stinger
Windows Defender
Microsoft Safety Scanner
Norton Power Eraser
Trend Micro Housecall