Journey to SMX West 2017 San Jose, California

I’m headed to SMX West this year and I’m super excited to meet and learn from those around us. Not sure what to expect from West but I feel that it will be eventful and full of awesomeness. This is going to be one of the best experiences that I will probably have this year as a digital marketer. I am eager to meet some of the individuals I follow on Twitter and it will be equally as awesome to have this opportunity to learn from their experiences and ask a few questions. Just a few!

First, I am going to want to take in the area. I went ahead and joined the private SMX West Facebook group they set up for all attendees. If you haven’t already done so I highly recommend it.

SMX West Facebook Group

While in that group I was able to ask a few questions regarding the area, and hopefully get an idea of what to see first. Locals know best. And here are a few suggestions from Matt Moglodi and Susanna Upsons. Thanks guys!

They were very helpful!

I also downloaded the SMX West app and asked a few questions about the event. If you haven’t used the app I strongly recommend it as well. They have a ton of information in there and it gives you additional resources to connect with those attending the event.

Download on iOS:
Download on Android:
Access via web browser:

SMX West Mobile App

There are many other places to go in and around San Jose. I stopped at Google, Facebook, Apple, Seagate, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell and many more. Your options are very limited as far as visitation. It’s mostly just driving around and scoping out the area without actually scoping out the area. If that makes any sense.

I was glad that The Tech Museum of Innovation was within walking distance. The IMAX Dome showing of the Journey to Space was very interesting. One day we will be on Mars (2030 according to the narrator). The museum will keep you busy for a while as well. Many different areas to learn about including space, cyber security, microprocessors, robotics, design, body metrics and more.

If you are attending the event and want to connect, comment below. Everyone that I have connected with thus far has been very helpful. Take the journey to SMX West 2017 with me by subscribing and commenting below.