Free Tool: Keyword Discovery Engine

Google Suggest or autocompletions is a feature of Google that shares with you useful queries people perform based on your inputs and history. What makes this autocomplete feature so interesting is that it delivers to you results that are highly relevant and current. It lets you know what’s hot, in demand, and interesting to the majority of users searching in the current moment.

These search predictions are based on things you type, your browsing habits, and related trending topics. Google trends is a key function of this feature because it prioritizes the most trendy topics first.

The problem with doing keyword research with just Google search is that it could take a long time gathering everything you want from the suggestions list. Sure you could go and pay for a tool that does this for you but not everyone has access to paid tools. On the same note not all tools process the data the way you want to and you normally pull it into spreadsheets either way.

For this reason and many more I have built a free tool using Google Sheets that scrapes this search feature and collects many modified keyword variations of the users inputs. In addition to collecting the data it also gives you the ability to hand select what keyword modifiers and their matching intent you would like to map to.

Coming Soon! A full featured tutorial of how to use the tool

Please note that there is an option section in this tool that has yet to be built out for SEMRush. It is currently not functioning and will be added as soon as I can get a hold of some credits to test with.