Are you Mobile ready?

Mobile Readiness
The mobile web is growing eight times faster than the desktop did in the 1990’s. Three times more smartphones are being activated ever minute around the world than there are births. One out of five people actually check there phones before getting out of bed in the morning. The mobile web has increased in growth in one year by four times that of the previous year. Fifteen to thirty percent of all search queries happen on a mobile device. Only twenty one percent of Google’s largest advertisers have a website that is mobile optimized, and only seven percent actually have a mobile website (CompuWare).

“Mobile is ramping up faster than any other technology we have seen in the past” -Mary Meeker (Kleiner Perkins)

Mobile user statisticsSmartphones have become Mainstream
People all over the United States have been given the opportunity, but more importantly, the availability of purchasing an affordable/negotiable smart phone. Contractually, there are companies in the market of cellular services that have earned themselves the ability to negotiate affordable contracts to the masses. All the while, still earning a profit. Purely economic of supply and demand! Over half the entire population of the United States have a smartphone. No need to stress the point!

Does Mobile Optimization Matter?
The affects of mobile optimization reach through to the users, customers, and even the value of your recognized brand. Historically speaking, if the rise of the desktop left those who denied its capabilities in the dust. And, mobile development/availability is four times more potent than that of the dust particles. We can safely assume, that the jump on mobile optimization better be had four times faster than that of the desktop. Statistically, we could stress the importance in greater numbers than that of a negative reason why you shouldn’t optimize mobility.