Privacy Policy by Google

How does Google’s privacy policy effect me? Is the privacy policy by Google a violation of my privacy. These are two questions that have been on the minds of many-a-internet-user. Before you can truly pick a part Google, you must first understand the facts.


Information that Google Collects
Essentially, all information that you provide Google with, and all the services you use that are Google related. This includes any listings that you provide via Google, and any account services Google offers (such as the one listed below).

Some of the more specific services that are acknowledged in any of your user agreements, are:

    The collection of Device information (which includes any location information)
    Internet logs and history during the use of Google products
    Hardware and application information

This may seem like its a bit much, but technically, if you agreed to any of Google’s terms you have already agreed to allow this. Constitutionally, Google is within their rights to utilize this information. What they do with it is also a concern though.

Mainly, all information gathered from the above information is used for marketing intentions.

Example 1: When the end user is querying (searching) information in Google search, that information is directly matched against current advertisers through Google, so that the advertisements are targeting the proper audience.

Example 2: When utilizing Google from your mobile device, Google will automatically show results, if locally bound, geographically from where you searched for that result.

Example 3: When researching information about hardware or software, Google will base the results on the hardware you are currently using.

Google advertisements are placed everywhere, including YouTube videos.