Will AMP be the Next Mobile Ranking Factor?

The dawn of the mobile device is the millennial equivalent to the of the dawn of the internet for most of us revolutionaries. Mobile optimization has since been a huge push with the Google release of Mobilgeddon back in April of 2015. The infamous Google algorithm change turned heads and caused a tectonic shift in the Web development industry.

Developers all across the land were demanded for their superior knowledge in changing digital real estate into mobile responsive assets. It was a huge leap forward in an ever forward thinking industry. The question now is “What’s the next mobile ranking factor?”.

Let’s use a little user experience logic to answer this question.

We can determine that search engines, such as Google, have put a significant importance on knowledge graphs and real-time information within search results.

George Lucas Google Search

The down side to this theory of realtime information, is that we do not currently have the ability to answer the more difficult questions, and in a timely manner. That is because technology hasn’t caught up to the user expectation of “I want it now“.

So, to appease the mobile-ready user with their request for such elaborate information, search engines such as Google have decided to incorporate another ranking factor; quicker mobile load speeds.

Now, not only do you need a mobile responsive website, but you need one that loads extremely fast with little to absolutely no issues. They call these quick fix solutions Google Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP’s for short.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer for developers to produce the speeds search engines are looking for without affecting the quality of the content or utilizing AMP’s as a necessary resource.

It is beyond a doubt that anything mobile focused will be a quality ranking factor for search engines. The proof is in the pudding, and this pudding is whipped up with all sorts of mobile stats.

To keep this conversation going and to spread the love of knowledge, comment below with your thoughts and opinions on where you see the future of the next mobile ranking factor.