Snapchat Lenses Make Selfie Taking Fun

Millennials are seen across the world extending their arms in a means to get the proper angle from the camera of their very sophisticated cellular device. It has become an art form for most, and has revolutionized the way pictures are taken. It is what they call the selfie!

Companies from all over the world are continually looking for ways to transend modern technology into an already ever popular adopted industry. The selfie originated in 2013 as a means to capture life events in their moment and was considered a self-portrait lifestyle. More and more individuals started purchasing phones with front facing cameras so they can participate in this new trend they call the selfie.

Cisco predicts that the number of mobile users will rise to 4.9 billion in 2018 from 4.1 billion in 2013 as consumers in emerging markets come online.

So how has the market evolved to meet the demands of these consumers? Well, we already know that more phones are being created with front facing cameras. I think the real question is “how do we keep consumers interested?” Have no fear the selfie king is here. Snapchat is the all around social media goddess when it comes to sharing that in-the-moment self-portrait. Like any big wig game changing business – Snapchat is on top of it.

In a most recent article they released from their website, Snapchat announces a new facial recognition software that applies lenses and animations to your selfies – making selfie taking just as interesting as it was was back in 2013. They call them Snapchat lenses.

These lenses are very creative and animated filters that can work off either picture or video. To top it all off, it is easy to use. With the latest version of Snapchat all you have to do is simply press and hold your finger on the screen until the facial recognition software scans your face. Once it has been completed you just choose your filter.

These filters are awesome! You have selections such as an aging filter, zombie slash robot filters, crazy party rainbow balloon filters and much more. Now that Snapchat has a pretty significant audience they are rolling out these new features in a means to capitalize off their efforts. In other words, it’s not free. Well…maybe not all the filters at least.

I find it interesting to know that a very successful mobile application, such as Snapchat, has decided to monetize its app based on features and not so much paid advertisement. Is this social media platform taking to an entirely different level of consumer? Or are they creating a new demand for product features that will eventually change the selfie as well as the prospective future of social media monetization.

Curious? Checkout Snapchat for yourself. You will not be disappointment in the entertainment quality it will bring you. Follow me on snapchat by adding me via the username megamikejr and/or comment below with some interesting discoveries of your own.