Social Media Marketing Trends For 2017

Another year has come and gone. Many of us are looking back and wondering where 2016 went. However, I am looking forward to the new year and a fresh start. You probably want to make more money and to make more money than you did last year. Things have certainly changed over the past decade, especially with regards to social media marketing.

Social media marketing trends in 2017 will be way different than they were in 2016. Yes, social media is here to stay. Those who use it for marketing purposes have already found it is a useful way to make money. However, when it comes to the new year, all bets are off. Here are three things that I look to happen in 2017.

#1 Live Streaming Will Become Commonplace

Social Media Live Streaming

If you log on to any social media outlet, you will see friends, family, and fellow businesses using the “live streaming” option. Rather than reading a post or watching a video, all of which are good services, you can now see this person live. From a business standpoint, it allows the business yet another opportunity to reach out to their consumer base in a different way.

At least three different mainstream platforms are already successfully leveraging live streaming. In the next year, I look for more social media sites to jump on the bandwagon and offer this service. It is a great way to keep the consumer informed and educated about your products and or services from a unique angle.

Once the consumer has knowledge about your company, they will move on and be ready to make a purchase. Prepare to see a shift from the quality driven story lines, and watch things focus more on producing live content. It is all about getting down to their level and making them understand why your business is so great.

Going live and streaming real question and answer sessions, as well as product demonstrations, will increase awareness and revenues. You don’t need a production company or to have any fancy setup. You can talk to your customers from your home, car, office, or anywhere you have a minute to engage.

There are many ways to take live streaming technology and make it a valuable resource for delivering your message. I forecast an increase in the use of live streaming as a key marketing medium in the year 2017.

#2 User-Generated Content Will Continue to Rise

User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) will be the king of social media. Many business owners are burnt out from trying to come up with content that will spark an interest in their customers. Brand-building responsibilities can now be handed down to the consumer. A recent article done in Bazaar Voice stated that today’s generation is more than eager to share their opinions to anyone who will listen.

As much as 64 percent of Millennials will tell a business their feelings about their product or service.

Another thing to consider is that people tend to trust a customer evaluation more than the word of a company owner or worker. How many times have you been going on vacation and checked the consumer reviews of hotels and restaurants? If we were all honest, we would say that it is the first thing we do. A decade ago we didn’t have that option. However, today we can’t live without consumer reviews. Look for more consumer bias reviews that help to increase traffic to a site. These reviews will eventually help boost sales.

Recently, a clothing shop had customers send in pictures of themselves wearing the new fall line. They used these pictures to help with marketing. The response was overwhelming. Average people trying on clothes that anyone can go pick off of the store’s rack. No super skinny models that make anything they put on look great. It was a huge hit, and the store couldn’t keep the items stocked. People listen to each other. We all count on each other to give us good advice and to help us steer clear of bad products and scams.

#3 Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Today’s consumer is a bit savvier than those in year’s past. You can’t fool them. In fact, they have the internet at their fingertips to do research before they buy. Social media sites are all about sharing your wealth of knowledge with others. The ones who do the sharing are called the “influencers.”

These people already have an audience base, and the people love and trust them. These influencers are passionate about what they do, and have been known to become business ambassadors. They use social media to spread their message to others and are frequently approached by solicitors.

In the upcoming year, businesses will leverage the influencer more frequently to allow them to be a benefit to their business. They need to tell a story that can be taken from a different context. Though it will take a bit more production time than before, the results will have a great lifespan.

All the followers on the influencers “friend” list will be waiting for their next product review or lifestyle tip. These followings take time to build, but they can be beneficial to any company. Yes, social media marketing trends 2017 promises to bring more influencers to the business plan.

Social Media Preparation

As we head into the next year, we need to remember that everything we learned in the last year will probably no longer apply. There were some good methods and some bad, but each year brings about major changes.

Remember the days of keyword stuffing and content driven content? All of these things will be distant memories as we head into a different time. Social media marketing trends 2017 will bring more of the consumer into the picture. I mean, it really is all about them anyway. Here are some tips to follow as you prepare for the upcoming changes:

  • Be Flexible- Always Have an Open Mindset
  • Never Close an Open Door
  • Get Customers Involved
  • Invest in Your Customer Not Selling Your Products
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Trying Something New
  • If Something Doesn’t Work, Don’t Be So Eager to Give Up Easily

Marketers have seen a dramatic shift in the use of information technology, and by leveraging data collected by these technologies they are able to automate their marketing efforts. One piece of technology to look out for is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies are the method of delivery to consumers for marketers, but we are more interested in the social media marketing trends in this article.

In conclusion, most digital marketers feel the way of the world is turning to marketing automation. While they may be right I wanted to point out the key trends that supply the content for these newly renowned automations, and shed light on all new potential for the year to come.

What do you think will change in the next year with regards to social media marketing? Be sure to leave your comment below. I want to hear from you!