How To Use Pokemon Go For Marketing

Pokemon Go is more than just a reason for kids and diehard gamers to see the light of day and get some exercise. Take a second to consider the fact that the number of active daily users of the popular app has surpassed those who use Twitter and Facebook daily. If visions of people taking a second to glance up from their smartphone and check out what you have to offer at your business are dancing in your head right now, it’s time to consider the benefits of using Pokemon Go for marketing.

Pokemon Go for Marketing

Become a Pokemon Go Stop

The first step in using Pokemon Go for marketing is to become a Poke stop. Do this by visiting the Pokemon Go website to create Poke stops and gyms, referring to a place where players take their Pokemon to “train” and brush up on skills and gain experience. The site has a submission form for both players and businesses where you can name your storefront as a location for a stop to get the attention of players. You can also buy lure modules and incense to attract Pokemon to your area to boost foot traffic around your business location.

Get the Word Out

Once you decide to make your business location a Poke stop or gym, let people know through your existing online platforms. If you’re not sure how to effectively use Pokemon Go for marketing, I’ll recommend ways you can make the announcement. Since it’s a geographic-based game, tapping into your local market resources is essential. Getting the word out can involve:

• Social media posts
• Blog posts
• An announcement directly on your website
• Emails to existing customers within the local area

Offer Freebies and Deals

Further entice gamers to stop by your business with special deals. For instance, some businesses offer discounts if customers show their Pokemon Go account. Doing so is a great way to convince players to take a break and sample your products or consider your services. Another option is to offer token freebies, which can be smaller items like pens, t-shirts, and water bottles — or complimentary dip and other edible goodies if you happen to own a local restaurant or fast food place.

Tie It into Your Online Connections

Use your visual platforms, i.e., Instagram, Pinterest, to send out pics of anything in your location that’s part of the game or related to the game. Reward gamers who check into your social sites, which can also include Facebook and Twitter since those platforms have equally effective visual elements, with access to deals or coupon codes.

Host Meetups

Users engage in battle at Poke Gyms selected by the app. These are usually local landmarks like buildings or neighborhood parks. If you’re near any of these locations, set up a giveaway tent or food tent where you know people will be gathering to do battle.

What I Can Do for You

While I can help you use Pokemon Go for marketing in a way that makes sense for your business, it’s only one of the many pieces of your marketing pie. Proactive steps I can take to boost your brand and direct consumers — including those on the hunt for Pokemon items and fellow gamers — to your business include:

• Evaluating your existing marketing efforts
• Suggesting how to best allocate your resources
• Identifying cost-effective engagement opportunities

Make a smart investment with effective marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs and available budget. Contact me today for more information on how to successfully incorporate Pokemon Go into your marketing strategy.