Digital Marketing Portfolio

Interestingly creative and effective! That is what all digital marketing portfolios should have in them. I strive to create unique concepts and campaigns for a better online experience. My work stretches across many touch points of digital marketing including design, development, user experience, user interface, information architecture, and content to name a few. Below are just a few of the sites I have had influence on from many user touch points.

A large majority of my experience has been in the B2B marketplace as well as B2C eCommerce storefronts. I truly enjoy the strategy around the lengthy B2B sales cycle just as much as I enjoy the direct point of sale experience of an eCommerce site. Most of the accounts below have faced obstacles in overcoming competitive disadvantage’s across the web and they are now better sites because of their newly implemented digital marketing efforts.

I encourage you to contact me regarding any of the strategies and results from the websites below. My goal is to provide my clients with real world solutions based on real world examples.