Digital Marketing Portfolio

The below digital marketing portfolio consists of an array of businesses that have unique business models and industry types. Each one of these businesses were faced with the obstacle of overcoming competitive digital disadvantage’s and ranged from capital investments, market opportunities, competitive market value, and much more. The reports and metrics below are just a few of the successes my clients have garnered while in contract with my services.



Marketing Analytics, Reporting Automation, & Data Successes

Data is everything when it comes to evaluating the performance of your marketing efforts. Knowing which channels are producers is key to knowing in which areas to invest. The data illustrated above demonstrates the significance each marketing channel has on sessions vs. revenue. This particular client was able to have transparency in their marketing efforts and adjust their budgets by leveraging custom automated reports.
Clients are always excited to see growth month-over-month and even year-over-year. When clients are able to garner the power of automated reports they are able to visualize a return on their investment. Tracking adjustments to your website helps you in making decisions for a better return and improve site performance. This can be in the form of the number of transactions, increased revenue, bottom line lead captures and more.
Beyond knowing if your site is producing or not it is equally as important to know if it is bringing in qualified leads. A good digital marketing professional will know when to seize an opportunity when evaluating your search positioning. Keyword positioning reports and search analytics reports have tremendous value in identifying who your audience is. Once you are able to identify who the audience is you can adjust your strategy to cater to what they want and give them what they need. Having more people searching for your products or services help drive more sales, and sometimes that is equally important if not more important than focusing on conversion metrics. Harness the power of these marketing opportunities by investing in someone who understands the value of search.

  • Author Sabrina Jarema
  • Nixon Granite Installation Services
  • Kenny Berry Shower Doors
  • Stanley Tenters Construction
  • Georgia Arabian Horse Association
  • Ocala Karate Dojo
  • Ocala Arabian Horse Association
  • Pats Tires
  • White German Shepherd Dog Club of America