Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Go beyond the unpredictable nature of organic SEO and explore the possibilities of search engine marketing in the form of paid search opportunities. One of the most reliable paid search methods is pay-per-click, a search engine marketing technique that can immediately steer traffic your way. Read on to see how I can make PPC an important part of your online marketing strategy.

How Pay-Per-Click Can Work for You

Pay-per-click is a unique form of SEM in that results can be seen much faster than other forms of online marketing. It’s a cost-effective form of advertising since you pay the search engine whatever amount you wish for ads to be placed at the top of organic search listings on SERPs (search engine results pages). When someone clicks your ad, you pay the designated cost-per-click from the budget you allocated. Ads can be instantly placed in targeted traffic where qualified leads are likely to be found — it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Boosting Your Online Visibility

A well-managed pay-per-click campaign is one geared towards increasing your online visibility. Traffic can be better targeted by assigning different ad copy for certain keywords based on varying demographics to attract the attention of different customers likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Ads can even be scheduled to run during time periods when your customers are more likely to be active.

Easily Manage Your Costs

My role in your SEM efforts is to empower your brand and increase your ROI. With pay-per-click, your costs can easily be managed since you have complete control over how much you spend on each campaign — and you have the option to increase your budget for campaigns that are especially productive for you. Regardless of your investment, you’ll only pay when an ad is clicked. I’ll carefully track your conversions so you’ll always know where you stand with your ROI. You’ll receive accurate, detailed data so you can clearly see how each campaign is performing.

My Pay-Per-Click Services

I present a wide range of pay-per-click services designed to meet your need in a way that’s as efficient and affordable as possible. I’ll determine whether a full-site optimization campaign is worth your efforts with low-risk testing for specific keywords. The same concept can be applied with landing page A/B testing, where different pages are tested with different keywords to test which one has a higher conversion rate. Pay-per-click services I offer include:

• Landing page design and development
• Keyword research that includes negative keywords
• PPC ad copy writing
• Bid and budget management

Improving Value and Relevance

With any form of marketing, it’s important to see the big picture. Pay-per-click is only one element of your overall online marketing strategy. No single marketing technique is independent of your other forms of online engagement. Realistically, not every click is going to be a conversion. Yet the value and relevance of your paid search efforts can be enhanced with an intelligent, well-researched pay-per-click campaign that’s coupled with:

• Advanced keyword research strategies and analytics
• Increased efforts on traffic likely to convert
• An awareness of trends and new technologies

Establishing Clear Objectives and Goals

Prior to launching a pay-per-click campaign, I’ll work with you to establish your short-term and long-term objectives and goals. Pay-per-click can definitely generate a lot of traffic quickly, but there is a cost involved with seeing those kind of results. During your initial consultation, I’ll help you understand factors such as lifetime customer value and lead close time to estimate your long-term ROI on each pay-per-click campaign you wish to launch. Ask yourself the following questions to clarify your objectives and goals:

• Are you already using paid search; and if so, what results are you seeing?
• How much of your business comes from online traffic only?
• What results are you currently seeing from your other online engagement efforts?
• How much can you realistically spend on pay-per-click campaigns?

Personalizing Your Paid Search Strategy

Maximum value is achieved with a strategy that includes identifying areas of weakness and turning those negatives into positives. In addition to making ongoing recommendations and monitoring results, steps I’ll take to effectively manage your paid search campaigns include:

• Seeking relationships with major pay-per-click network providers
• Determining the appropriate geographic areas to concentrate efforts
• Modifying or expanding existing paid search campaigns
• Customizing your online advertising strategy

SEM Customized to Your Needs

Get the maximum exposure you crave at a rate that fits within your budget with search engine marketing customized to your needs. I’ll gladly answer your questions, explain your options and present a detailed marketing plan centered around your goals.

Whether you’re looking to exclusively invest in pay-per-click or put together a comprehensive strategy to target your desired customers, you’re sure to appreciate the online marketing services I offer. Contact me today to start seeing the results you deserve.