Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Nearly half of all online consumers check out what a company is posting socially before making a purchase, according to figures reported by Neilsen. If you need a more compelling reason to consider social media marketing, how about the fact that 70 percent of regular social media users are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they already follow socially? You can get even more impact out of your social marketing efforts if you’re a small business looking to compete on a larger scale without having to stretch your budget.

Choosing the Right Social PlatformsJust because “everyone” uses Facebook doesn’t mean it’s the right social platform for your business. Users interact differently with each social platform. Twitter is better for quick, short messages, Pinterest and Instagram tend to work better if you want to showcase your products, and LinkedIn is more effective for B2B marketing. I’ll take time to assess your marketing needs and explain how each channel may benefit your business. Ultimately, you want to select a few platforms your preferred audience is likely to be active on and focus your social efforts there.

Optimizing Your Online Presence

“Optimization” for social media extends beyond keywords and phrases and includes taking steps to increase visibility with relevant, engaging content. I can help increase your presence by determining how visible you are online and suggesting ways to direct browsers within your market to your social content. An important part of this effort for many small businesses is local reviews. Any business information listed on such sites should be checked for accuracy, including the contact information for your business. A well-executed social marketing strategy has the potential to:

• Boost your lead-to-close rate
• Increase brand awareness
• Enhance customer satisfaction rates

Creating Engaging Social Media Content

There’s no question content is the heart of social media marketing. You want to produce content that’s both engaging and useful without being too “salesy” in terms of hitting people over the head with a marketing message. Of course, you still want to generate interest in your products and services, which is exactly what can be accomplished with carefully placed links back to your website or blog. You also want content that establishes your brand as a source of reliable information.

Identifying Missed Opportunities

One of the steps I can take on your behalf is to identify missed social opportunities within your market. Evaluating what competitors are already doing socially is one way to get an idea of what’s resonating with your customer base. You can also seize the opportunity to address topics your competitors may not be addressing — or reach out to potential customers in an entirely new market, if you’re looking to expand your base.

Generating Social Interest

The interactive nature of social media means interest can be generated in different ways than what you would do with your website content. Informative posts tend to work well across most social platforms as long as you retain the same tone. Interest can be further increased by including related videos or photos. Optimization of social content includes creating shareable content to increase visibility across all of your social platforms. Sharing can also encouraged with:

• Fun, interesting facts
• Daily contests
• “Teaser” details about upcoming events

Connecting SEO with SMM

Optimization for search engines and social media isn’t entirely separate, even though specific techniques differ. Social platforms can be effectively used to help build links that can then be used to support your existing SEO efforts. Search engine giants like Google also consider content that’s within social pages. Putting some effort into your social platforms can definitely improve your visibility and direct more people to your social content.

My Approach to Boosting Social Engagement

My role in your marketing efforts involving social media is to develop and implement strategies likely to be effective for your business and good for your bottom line. I’ll take a look at what you’re currently doing socially and make recommendations on how to improve your results. By defining your audience, I can optimize your ad copy, images, and other key elements of your social media campaigns. I can further customize your social media strategy by:

• Evaluating your short-term and long-term marketing goals
• Presenting options that work within your available budget
• Recommending social engagement efforts specific to your audience
• Determining your existing social media strengths and weaknesses

SMM Services Right for Your Needs

While social media marketing requires active engagement and careful tracking of available stats, which are in abundance with anything done online, it also helps to have guidance from a trusted marketing professional. This is where I come in. I offer a wide range of online marketing services that can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Contact me today to see how social medial marketing can work for you.