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Custom Website Design Specialist

Having the best website design possible is an important factor determining a company’s online success.

Web visitor attention is a highly sought after commodity these days and that competition can be fierce. Getting a customer to visit a business’ website is only a small part of being successful online. Once a customer clicks on a web page from search engine results there are a lot of questions going through his or her mind. The most important of those is: “can I find what I was looking for quickly and in way that is easy to access ?”

My commitment to my customers is to present their products and services to their web visitors in a way that encourages a positive and interactive online experience, as opposed to bouncing quickly from the website and moving down the list of search engine results.

Project the Right Company Image

 Website design is part science and a lot of art. My customers receive design services that match their image. A big part of the web visitor’s initial decisions about the website hinders on their first impression of the site. Color schemes, layouts, fonts, image placement, easy to navigate menu and a clear call to action are extremely important considerations I put at the top of website design considerations.

It is important for your business to have a clear and concise image that users can relate with and feel confident in when deciding whether or not to do business.

Increase User Engagement

Studies consistently show that there are certain preferences that web visitors have in terms of content. For example, customers prefer highly relevant and informative visual video and image content. Web visitors are up to 90 percent more likely to return to and share the address of a website with these offerings.

I can assist with implementing visual content, strategically located on landing pages that can increase the amount of time your customer spends on your website and the likelihood that they will return again.

Improve Conversion Rate

Getting visitors to a website and keeping them entertained are only two parts of the equation. The visit is not truly a success unless the customer leaves some artifact of their being interested in the business’ offerings.

A good web design strategy simplifies the conversion steps. I take many critical design factors into consideration to help our customers succeed with conversions, whether that means signing up for the newsletter, becoming part of the email distribution or other significant visitor involvement activities.

Increase Your Brand’s Recognition

 Everything is a brand these days. It’s the way that companies increase loyalty to their products and services. I help my customers to implement a brand strategy for their websites that will have a positive memorable impact on their visitors. Studies consistently show that websites with messages that customers can remember are more likely to increase their visitors’ loyalty and conversion.

Strategic Web Design Considerations

  • Increase landing page interactions
  • Simplify and enhance conversion processes
  • Powerful brand impact
  • SEO-enhancing web layout
  • Match the website design to the business’ marketing strategy

My Experience

I have helped many businesses create a powerful online presence with custom website design services and have been successful because I put customers’ needs first. It has been my experience that a good design makes for a great user experience, and you must listen to what customers are saying through data to articulate the appropriate user journey.

Next Steps…..

There are a lot of considerations that go into building a successful website design. Make sure you explore all of your considerations and opportunities before making a decision. And when you are ready I too will be ready to assist your business with custom website design services. Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can assist your company with the planning and building of your next web design project.